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Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson talk Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con (x)

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Good music.

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Eminem's 1999 Black Gold interview

Interviewer:You know this is an adult magazine and I have to ask adult questions, so are you down?
Eminem:I'm down, I'm down.
Interviewer:So you're feeling the magazine and you have your different flavors. You have chocolate, vanilla, your butter pecan ricans...So, what's your favorite?
Eminem:What's my favorite? I LOVE ALL WOMEN! Yo, I don't... I don't...I can't say "I want a women to look like this, and this, and this when she comes backstage and otherwise I don't want to talk to her." I'm attracted to all women! I'm attracted to the female species, ya know.
Interviewer:I know you live in a predominantly Black neighborhood, did you date any sistas when you were younger? Was it taboo?
Eminem:I met a little bit of resistance, but for the most part it was all love. I grew up with people on my block and they knew me, you know. I mean I got jumped, fucked up shit happened to me a few times, but that happens to everybody. I don't think it has anything to do with color or any of that shit. It's just all a part of growing up.
Interviewer:So are you lovin' us thick sistas or are you into those boney sistas?
Eminem:I don't have a look code, I just look at every girl I see, and every girl I meet.
Interviewer:Do you watch any adult movies or porn?
Eminem:All the time! I watch that shit on the bus!
Interviewer:Say word?! So who's your favorite actress of all time?
Eminem:Janet Jacme.
Interviewer:What kind of girls do you consider freaky?
Eminem:Girls who do girls. I'm not into really freaky shit. I mean, no bottles up into some shit and no animals.
Interviewer:So you wouldn't consider yourself a freak?
Eminem:Not really. I'm not into really wild shit. No finger in the ass. No finger in MY ass (laughter).
Interviewer:You're not inspired by porn?
Eminem:Only to try different positions. I saw some wild shit the other day. This girl was standing on her head, with her legs on this guys shoulders. Some upside down shit. I don't like all that extra shit, but I definitely wanna try that upside shit. No pierced clits. That's all pain. Is your clit pierced?
Interviewer:No! (laughter)
Eminem:That's good! I don't like pierced clits (laughing).
Interviewer:I think everyone is freaky, but the right person has to bring it out. See, I think you have a freaky side, but someone needs to bring it out.
Eminem:I've been with my girl for eight years, and it still not out. I don't consider myself a freak. I mean I might grab a girl's hair and kick her a couple of times (laughing). Maybe slap her (laughing).
Interviewer:What are some of your other favorite positions?
Eminem:Doggystyle, I hate being on top! I like it when the girl is on top. I'm lazy like that. I like to make the girl work. And I like doggystyle!
Interviewer:Do you see a difference between how different girls sex you? Like do Black women do things that white women don't do, etc?
Eminem:Nah. I don't see any difference. Why?
Interviewer:Like a lot of Black men don't perform oral sex whereas a lot of White men do.
Eminem:I don't eat the cat either. I don't fuck with the cat! You don't know what's been down there! I mean if it's with my girl or someone I know, then I would do it. but if it's with someone I just met, I ain't running up in that! But overall, I RARELY, RARELY, RARELY do it. But I'm mostly into having a girl cum. If she don't cum, I can't even stay hard. I'll just roll over and go to sleep.
Interviewer:That's very generous! Most men aren't like that!
Eminem:I ain't most men.
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BROTP (≧◡≦)

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